I've had some great questions from my clients over the years. I've compiled a list below that I hope helps you with some questions that you may have.

Thank you for the questions! Keep 'em coming!  


What if it rains?

No problem!...We just find another day that works for you. ;)

Do I get all of the images?

You get every image, with each location backdrop that is sharp without including duplicates. 

Do I get all un-retouched images as well?

I only give images that have been retouched.  

Do you have Gift Certificates?

I absolutely do! I'm happy to accommodate your needs here in any way.

Do you take a deposit or retainer?

I do not at this time due to Covid cancellations. I do ask that if you need to cancel for any reason, you just let me know as soon as you can. ;)

How do I get my photos?

I upload your images into a gallery on my website. You download the images from there and can access your images with a passcode for up to 2 years.

What type of payments do you take?

I take the following: cash, check, credit card (4% additional transaction fee), Venmo (once we are Venmo friends), FB Pay

What is your turnaround time?

Typically, I am 3-4 weeks out but this can change to more or less depending on busy/slow seasons. Weddings are 6-8 weeks out.

Can I bring our dogs?

Absolutely! Bring your dog, cat, rabbit, chicken, cow or pig...the more the merrier! ;)

Can I bring a friend to be a spectator?

Absolutely! Bring whomever you like. Again, the more the merrier and it helps get those authentic smiles and laughs!

Will you help me with poses?

Absolutely! Lots of clients aren't sure where to put there hands etc., I can help with all of this and more!

Should I wear my transitional glasses? Or non anti-glare glasses?

Transitional glasses - If you are set on wearing your traditional glasses because you always wear glasses, I work quickly so that they don't go dark. We may put them on, take them off and get them out of the sun and put them back on when they are clear. We don't want your glasses to go dark or look like sunglasses. IF you are open to taking them off for a few photos, that works great as we can go back and forth.

Non anti-glare glasses - When shooting glasses that do not have anti-glare, we shoot with angles that help not to have them show color reflecting from the surrounding colors. This can be difficult and is not ALWAYS possible with certain kinds of images. Be prepared to have some images with color on your lenses brought on by your surroundings. I do my best to retouch this but it's not always a 100% fix. 

Do you offer pet sessions?

I absolutely offer pet sessions! They can take more time but we are on their schedule!

What is the best time of day to schedule a session?

The best time for photographs are during the last couple hours of light. This changes of course during the seasons as well as locations. We'll go over options on setting a time during our email conversations. 

What do I need to bring to our session?

It's nice to always have on hand, just in case, the following: umbrella, bug spray, sunscreen, jacket, good walking shoes for season, water, makeup, hairspray, outfit accessories, payment (if you have not paid prior to session day), contract if you have not signed and email me a copy.

Do your weekend prices include Fridays?

Yes, my weekend prices are for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This allows me more time with my family since they are all in school. This does not apply to weddings.

What if my kids don't smile?

This is a great question. Some kiddos will not smile. I always do my best to be silly to get the results you want and often times I have parents help me since you are who they are comfortable with. However, if a child or children do not smile under any circumstances, I cannot be held responsible for this. This is also stated on my contract under #6.

How many outfit changes am I allowed?

I don't typically like to go over 3. The reason for this is that we have our 1-hour session and it takes time to change. The more outfit changes there are the less time we are taking photographs in that hour time slot. I'm always happy to add time to your session for a reasonable fee. 

What can I expect from a session from the beginning to the end?

When we first meet, I like to have you introduce who you've brought to the session. I introduce myself and give a little tidbit on my process of using 2 cameras etc. Our time together is easy and fun. I help with poses and create candid moments throughout the process. I love your ideas too. If you have them, I'm happy to accommodate. Our hour goes by very quickly. I like to move quickly to give you lots of backdrop options all the while having some fun along the way. 

I do not like my picture taken and I many times I do not like pictures of myself? How can you help?

Firstly, MANY clients do not like their pictures taken. To help with this our sessions are very relaxed and casual. I'm a goof and do my best to keep it light and easy for you. I always say to clients that your loved ones love all the things about you that you do not like about yourself, they see your unique ways all of the time. We rarely see ourselves like our loved ones do, especially in a photograph. Be kind to yourself and keep in mind, these images are for everyone you love.

Am I obligated to purchase my prints or products through you?

This is where my photography business is different. I do not obligate any client to purchase prints or products through my website. Of course, I love it if you do and many of my clients like to buy a few pieces from me but again, no obligation. 

Do you offer a variety of prints and products to choose from?

The short answer is yes, I do! I have many sizes of prints and lots of product options to choose from. You can browse through these items by clicking "BUY" on any of your images in your gallery. This then leads to many purchasing options.