Here are a few client tutorials. They made me smile, laugh and beyond happy. I can't thank my clients enough for trusting me to photograph their moments, whether it be an engagement, wedding, family, event, or a final year of high school. 



"Oh, Andrea - - -these pictures are WONDERFUL!!! Everything looks great – thank you so very much. There are so many I like – I want to print them all and fill a whole wall in my house. You did great on the photo editing/lighting/color – wow!" -Sadie, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I can't even begin to thank you for providing these treasures. Wow, I feel blessed!!” -Melanie, Spokane, WA


"OMG I am just speechless. I just love love love these photos. Thank you so much for working with this Mama on a budget. I’m so glad I found you!" -Melissa, Coeur d'Alene, ID


“Wow you are very talented, and appear to have been very busy with shoots! I’ve liked your page! Looking forward to seeing more of your work! Looks like you are doing very well!” -Jennyfer, Florida


“We really enjoyed the evening and I know the pictures will turn out great. Thanks for being great. Any chance I get I look forward to referring people to you. The tip was minimal, your time and art are valuable.” -Molly, Spokane, WA


"Andrea was an absolute joy to work with! She is an excellent photographer with an artistic eye. Andrea’s warm personality made the whole photo shoot experience relaxed and fun for my whole family, everyone I have shown her photos to have been so impressed. I plan to use her for my son’s senior photos and our next family photo shoot, I can't recommend her enough." -Jennifer, Post Falls, ID


"Oh my gosh! I absolutely love them. My sister and I were talking after the shoot how awesome it was to have you directing us. I am so happy with the pictures. You are a talent and I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Thank you so much!" -Ellie, Spokane, WA


"What I think??!! Awesome possum!!! Hehe Gorgeous, thank you!!! I think your work is great!!!" -Emily, Spokane, WA


"Thanks so much! Thanks for providing such great service!" -Shaun, Kennewick, WA


“Andrea! These are amazing!!! Thank you so much! He looks great! What a cutie! The boys had a great time at the shoot and told their friends how cool you were and how you made it easy for him to feel comfortable. My husband is coming November and we would like a family session. I would also like to do a boudoir shoot as a surprise for him sometime. Thanks again.. You're awesome!" -Tina, Cheney, WA


"Awesome thank you very much! These will be so awesome, I have worked with a few photographers since you and your pictures were the very best out of all of them. I'm very excited for this." -Jessica, Priest River, ID


"Today was wonderful! I felt more comfortable than I even knew I would. I appreciate all your time and that you weren't in a hurry. It meant a lot. I hope I can get a few of my friends to come see you too. I really appreciate your time and today. Thank you." -Makaila, Spokane, WA


"Love, love the pictures we just got back. Your amazing Andrea we will recommend you." -Lisa, Hayden Lake, ID


"Hi, I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday's shoot. It was so much fun and I never once felt uncomfortable, you are awesome!" -Luann, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Thanks so much for the awesome photography session yesterday. We really appreciate the time and attention you gave to Sean." -Kimberly, Hayden Lake, ID


"We loved them! You did a fantastic job! Thank you sooo much! Tina is my sister, she loved our pictures and was hoping that you could do her daughter Brianna's senior pictures." -Marcie, Otis Orchards, WA


"I absolutely LOVE them!!!! They make me feel pretty! I can't wait to pick a few for Steve. I decided I'll make him a calendar since I like so many Thank you so much!" -Jamie, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Thank you so much! I had a blast last night. You are fun to work with and I loved seeing your inspired, artistic side come out, as your enthusiasm is easy to be comfortable around even being scarcely dressed. I really look forward to seeing what you captured, as well as sharing my experience with my friends and family who I think would also eventually love to have some photos done." -Aubrey, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Thank you for the wonderful pictures!!! We absolutely love them. I can see that you will have a very successful future ahead of you! We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and know who we will be calling if we need photos in the future. Thank you for everything Andrea, it has been a real pleasure working with you!” -Natalie, Post Falls, ID


"Andrea, you made my day! Fabulous! Thank you so much for your time and flexibility. These are so beautiful; I love the foggy lake. I will be referring you when friends and family ohhhh and ahhhh over our pictures. I cannot wait to share with the kids and hubby. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" -Corrine, Hayden Lake, ID


"Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much, I will be telling everyone I know and I will look forward to seeing you again!" -Lynsay, Post Falls, ID


"Wow! So great Andrea! Thank you SO MUCH. These are very helpful for numerous purposes." -Kerri, Coeur d'Alene, ID


"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….Love them!!! (no surprise there) I will be contacting you this fall/winter for another session!!!" -Andrea, Spokane, WA “A huge thanks to all of my clients for these kind words and for making my job so wonderfully amazing!” 


"They are amazing, I keep going through them and smiling.  It was an amazing time with you and so many memories to cherish.
Thank you again Andrea for such a delightful and special time.  You are truly a gifted Photographer, not just taking pictures but encompassing the complete experience .   I will refer you to anyone looking  for an extraordinary Photographer." Barbara, Hayden, ID


"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We loooooove the photos! We're so excited to start utilizing them in our invites and wedding website and EVERYWHERE because they're just gorgeous! Thank you for such a great photo shoot experience. We will treasure these photos forever." Jinell, Spokane, WA


"Thank you so much Andrea!  It was such a fun day for us. The pictures turned out beautiful." Erin, Cda, ID


"They are fantastic! Breath taking scenery! Thank you! They are all incredible, Andrea!!! I cant wait to look at them on a bigger screen this weekend. Thank you so much!" Kathy, Post Falls, ID


"Ohhhhh, these are yummy. So fun!!!! Thank You Honey. I so appreciate you & your talent." Cathy, Cda, ID


"Yay!!! I love them!! So many good photos to choose a favorite! The lighting was stellar and the quantity of quality images far exceeded my expectations! Thank you!!!" Erin, Cda, ID


"The pictures are wonderful!! I keep looking over them again and again seeing new details within the environment each time. Thank you for such a wonderful session! I'm horribly biased, but I absolutely LOVE the pictures of Lydia and I spinning around and playing. I've had a hard time adjusting to her being in school full time, and your pictures help remind me of the bond we share." Jenny, Cda, ID


"They are awesome! Love them. Thank you so much. Cassidy and Kona are a real team and glad we have those extra memories of this time. Thanks for all you do and for the communication." Shawn, Hayden, ID

"Andrea, these look absolutely amazing. Thank you so much. We will definitely post a review on google and post and tag some of these on the socials if that’s ok." Andrew, Denver, CO...............   "Oh man, they look great!! Thank you so much. You can really clean up a motley crew." Andrew, Denver, CO 


"I absolutely love the photos and the moments that you captured.   Such a treasure for me and hopefully for my family.You made the experience fun and your sweet, genuine, creative approach brought the most out of your subjects!" Lorraine, St Louis, MO................"Thank you for the heart felt note and the preview! These are fantastic!!’  What talent you have.  I have a soft spot for these girls together and the authentic joy of their friendship.  Thanks for capturing it for us to cherish.  The girls started school this week and I am in full work mode. Thanks for capturing the last bit of summer for us." Lorraine, St Louis, MO


"I wanted to say that the quality of your pictures are excellent and I know that you take great care in producing quality pictures!! I’m so thankful Erin recommended you and I know Cooper (although he’s reserved) appreciates the quality too. He pointed it out to me when looking at his buddies photos.  Thanks again!" Kelley, Post Falls, ID


"I seriously have no words! Your work is so amazing! Your kind words once again brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the kind note attached to the photos. It really meant a lot! Then the photos… OH MY GOODNESS! I am still in awe over them. I have not stopped looking at them. Every single shot is so beautiful and so genuine and it shows who the girls and I are ! Every photo is my favorite. My daughters Myra and Amora are seriously in love with the photos as well! They love the ones on the bridge. You have made this whole experience so enjoyable and so fun! And you have brought so much light into our hearts! Thank you Andrea, for the photos, the kind and friendly words, and all the fun we had during the shoot!We will absolutely be coming back for more!I left a google review:)! I also asked my mother in law to write you a review as well!Thank you again so much! You did amazing!" Rachelle, Cda, ID ( oh man, this one melted me)


"I just downloaded the pics and left a google review.  They are all amazing…really.  Choosing a favorite is just too hard!  Thanks again…and you were so generous w/ the # of images.  We will cherish these so much!!!" Mindy, Nebraska


"So beautiful! Thank you for always capturing and documenting our family! You do such an amazing job! As always, such a pleasure to work with you." Claire, Sandpoint, ID


"The pictures are amazing!  Thank you again for sharing your talents  You make the whole process easy and fun." Erin, Spokane, WA


"Boy you have really made my day.  I love love LOVE looking at all your photos and now I have a new appreciation for a few spots that I want to take a photo with next session!  You are amazing and truly have a gift." Brandi, Cda


"Thank you for doing such a wonderful job! We love the photos" Kristy, Cda, ID


"I got them and we love them! We ABSOLUTELY love them! We have also been looking at buying some canvas wrapped frames from you. Be on the look out for those :) Now just the hard part.. Deciding which pictures to use for what! :) Thank you for making that weekend memorable." Brianna, 

"The pictures are awesome, as always. Thanks so much! Addy’s tweenager face in so many of them crack me up! I had no idea she was dishing out so much sass! But it’s exactly who she is right now, and will be so fun to look back on later." Terra, Cda, ID


"First of all thank you for the beautiful pictures, we love each and every one of them! It was so much fun spending the evening with you capturing the last few moments as a family of 2." Crystal, Cda, ID


"We really love them! Thank you very much for taking these photos of us, we enjoyed making those memories and hanging out with you! You make everything very easy and fun! I can’t wait to share them with friends and family! Thank you again for capturing these for us, these are very special to us! I also wrote a wonderful review on Google reviews through your link, and we were able to download them. Thank you again Andrea, we appreciate you very much!" Savannah, Spokane, WA 


"I am just now having a chance to take this all in. Wow!!! You have just captured us so so well. When I saw the pics of James and Becca together it just wanted to make me cry. I so love these!! The hardest part is going to be trying to figure out which ones to print!! I love them all. Thank you so so very much for your time, your talent and your kindness towards my kids and I. I will definitely write a review, and have shared your info with some friends already." Nicola, Cda, ID


"What a great job you did. Sue looks like a model and the girls, grands and their hubbies are adorable. We’ll be doing some rave reviews." Linda, Cda, ID


"Andrea is very talented, fun, and authentic which is truly reflected and revealed in the photos! Excellent!" Ellicia, Post Falls, ID


"You are SOOOO good Andrea…." Chris, Cda, ID